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Biobased Packaging

More than 50% of the Biobased packaging range is based on renewable raw material. This renewable raw material is made from sugar cane. With this we currently replace more than 50% of the conventional, oil-based, raw materials. The biobased packaging is functionally equivalent to the conventional packaging. The packaging is food safe and meets the requirements of migration and organoleptics. Practically all models within our existing range can be produced as biobased packaging. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities.

Corcoran Products Packaging Bio-based containers

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These packages are fully recyclable. The post-life circularity in Europe is only 42.4%. By using bio plastic, however, pre-life circularity of more than 50% is added, which greatly increases the total circularity of the packaging.
Sugar is extracted from sugar cane through pressing. The first, richest pressing of the sugar cane is used for consumption purposes. The less rich follow-up pressing is then used for, among other things, the production of biobased plastic. The extracted sugar is converted to Ethanol (alcohol), from which Bio polyethylene is then made.
Reduction in the use of fossil raw material stocks, positive contribution to CO2 reduction, and a substantial increased circularity (post-life and pre-life).

Product Details

60ml – 1.5ltr

We offer a range of shapes including Round, Rectangle, Square

  • We offer a full range of natural co-polymer
  • We offer full In Mould Labelling service

Compostable Packaging

Our bowls are made with low Environmental impact and compostable materials: PLA & MATER-BI. This is an outstanding line that will distinguish your product. These bowls are suitable to turn into compost if subjected to industrial composting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PLA or polylactic acid, is produced from renewable and compostable sources, the material is perfectly transparent and is available for both base and lids

Mater-BI is completely biodegradable and compostable material, the MATER-BI bases are pleasant to touch and available in Green and Transparent

Product Details

MQ500 (500ml) 160 x 160 – 500 per box
MQ1000 (1000ml) 190 x 190 – 200 per box

Call us for other sizes.

  • Green
  • Transparent

Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR)

Within the framework of our Partners sustainability policy, the use of recycled raw materials has become a key focus. PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) is recycled polypropylene that is made from used plastic packaging material from consumers and businesses that has been collected via return and collection systems. After collection, this stream is further processed into polypropylene granules by the recycling companies through sorting, separating and washing. They subsequently use that granulate in the production processes. In addition, they reduce waste in there own plant to a minimum. This is achieved thanks to a sophisticated product design for each application, as well as through a production process with a minimum loss of material. Any material that is lost will be recycled again. This ensures that no material is wasted, regardless of the product we make.

corcoran chemicals post consumer waste recycling cilinders

Frequently Asked Questions

No only for non–food contact packaging. E.G. Paint, Adhesives, Construction Chemicals and plasters, Flooring Resins etc.
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