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Finding the all important needle in a stack full of hay.

Sourcing new materials and finding breakthrough opportunities rely on anticipating market trends. We’ve seen the global economy fluctuate and markets shift, sometimes overnight.

Business will look very different one year, five years, ten years from now. We don’t know what will happen. But we do know that strategic planning is vital.

At Corcoran, we’ll work with you to identify, build, grow, manage and optimise your supply chain. For now and for the future.


‘We grew because the economy grew.’

In the late 1930s, in an office in Abbey Street, Dublin, Corcoran was born from humble beginnings.

Originally Corcoran served the Irish domestic market with much needed chemist, personal care sundries and finished goods, excelling in importation and distribution across the country. A discipline we developed well over the coming years.

In 1955, Kingsbridge House was purchased by the company and soon became a key base for Corcoran.

Industry and manufacturing boomed across Ireland. Deep sea imports soon followed with supply partners as far afield as mainland Europe and South America. It wasn’t long before Corcoran established a firm stance as a key supply partner to many global manufacturing groups also putting down roots in Ireland at that time. Growth and diversity of Corcoran grew over the following years establishing a reputation for Service, expertise and sourcing capability. This allowed expansion of the Kingsbridge House operation to include establishing Corcoran UK office in 1976 to serve markets in the UK followed by the development of a specialist Packaging presence with Corcoran Products in 1999.

Today, as a multisite group, Corcoran is a 3rd generation company with big aspirations and a proven reputation. At its heart are people that empower the ambition of its customers, that see hard work, innovation and product knowledge as an essential requirement in truly understanding our customer’s needs.

‘We’re a distribution company, yes. But we’re so much more. Going strong for the last 75 years, we continue to partner with our suppliers and customers to resolve tricky supply problems and source the materials they need in order to grow.’

Andrew Byrne, Group Managing Director

Global Partnerships

We take great care in developing relationships with the world’s leading companies. It’s an honour to work with some of the most interesting and dynamic organisations so that we in turn can introduce exclusive technologies and responsibly sourced products to Irish and UK markets. When you work with Corcoran, you know you’re working with the best in the world.

Our long-standing supply partners

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